Submission Form

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Who Can Enter

All current UCSB undergraduate, graduate students and post-docs are eligible to submit pieces for the competition.

What Can Be Submitted

All photograph and image submissions should be original pieces of work based on original research projects conducted while in residence at UCSB or in affiliation with UCSB.  Submissions are limited to one image per contestant. Multiple students/researchers may submit one image as a team submission.

*If you would like to submit a piece of work other than an image for consideration, please contact the program organizers*

Images may be obtained by any imaging technique, or may be the result of modeling and simulation, or can be obtained by combining multiple images into one artistic image. Photographs may be of instrumentation, apparati, devices or other objects used in your scientific investigation. Images may be modified to enhance their aesthetic.

We also encourage submissions of thoughtful, innovative, and artistic visual data stories such as infographics capable of effectively and aesthetically communicating research through visual narratives. Data visualizations should be submitted as one-pager static images, accompanied by a title and a capture with a short description of the research project along with their underlying data source(s).

Image Requirements

Mininum Image Size Layout Resolution Format Max File Size
Greater than 3900px (height) x 3900px (min width) Portrait 300dpi jpg 15mb
3900px (min height) x greater than 3900px (width) Landscape 300dpi jpg 15mb
3900px (height) x 3900px (width) Square 300dpi jpg 15mb

NOTE! Please include the submitter's last name in the file you are uploading.
Example: "filename-lastname.jpg"

Submitter Information
Artwork Information
NOTE! Please include the submitter's last name in the title of the file.
Files must be less than 15 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg.
Description should be geared toward a general audience. It should be engaging, clear and easy to understand. Tips for captions available from UCSB Library View Caption Tips (300 characters max)
Explain the content of the image including the technique used and any special conditions, if applicable. (800 characters max)
Add text.