Best Data Visualization Award - A Wormhole Lullaby

Special Honorable Mention
Molly Kaplan, graduate student


For decades, physicists have been baffled by the "black hole information paradox": black holes seem to violate our expectation that information is never truly lost. A recent resolution suggests that black holes are connected to other black holes very far away, even ones in different universes!

Two or more black holes can be connected through their interiors, which creates a wormhole. A Wormhole Lullaby is a journey through all possible wormhole geometries when there are six black holes, starting with no wormholes between the black holes and ending with one wormhole connecting all six black holes. Each piano melody represents a different number of connected black holes, with a string harmonizing for every copy of that type of wormhole. The full lullaby calculation also counts the gaps between black holes, which is represented by the addition of new instruments. The painting shows an example configuration with a three-sided wormhole, a two-sided wormhole, and a disconnected black hole. 

Listen to A Wormhole Lullaby